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Skin Removal: 4 months postop

All things are healing still. I truly believed that I would be back to “normal” by now after seeing how others were able to return to activity at the 2-3 month point. But everyone’s body definitely works at its own pace. For me, I am still lacking full mobility in my hips. When I try to get into a great…
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Baked Vegetable Parmesan Recipe

This was an older recipe that we came up with right after bringing home our youngest. Really, it was a mixture of all of the ripe vegetables and other ingredients that we had in our refrigerator, but they all worked together so I am not complaining! It’s now a recipe that we put together regularly on purpose. Truth be told….
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The Great Food Adventurer

My daughter, Isabel, is a quirky, funny little ray of sunshine. She likes her rules and needs them followed. When the schedule is not followed, she takes it pretty hard. There are times that textures, smells, and tastes are simply the areas of life that she shuts down. It was hard for me to understand at first, but she shuts…
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